Term property


 * Example of term.

papi_property( [
  'title'    => 'Term',
  'slug'     => 'my_term_slug',
  'type'     => 'term',
  'settings' => [
    'taxonomy' => 'my_taxonomy'
] )

 * Example output.

stdClass Object
    [term_id] => '123'
    [name] => 'The term'
    [slug] => 'the_term'
    [term_group] => '0'
    [term_order] => '0'
    [term_taxonomy_id] => '321'
    [taxonomy] => 'my_taxonomy'
    [description] => ''
    [parent] => '0'
    [count] => '0'
    [object_id] => ''


With this property you can add reference to a term in a taxonomy. It can’t handle multiple terms or taxonomies.


Key Default Description
labels array Array of labels, select_taxonomy that defaults to Select Taxonomy and select_item that defaults to Select %s term (the taxonomy name).
layout ‘simple’ Term property has two different layouts, the simple one that is one dropdown with option labels and advanced that is two dropdown, one with all taxonomies. Since 3.0.0
placeholder null Placeholder text that’s displayed when no option is slected.
taxonomy ‘post’ The taxonomy that the property will load terms from. Can only be one taxonomy.
select2 true If true Select2 will be used, if false the native browser dropdown will be used.
query array Add get_terms arguments.